I keep a private list of volunteers that are currently ready and waiting for a request from a hospital in need. The list grows and shrinks. Names go on and off as these requests for donation assignments are fulfilled. I often go to this list before posting adoption requests in our facebook group.

It alleviates the stress for some of our volunteers of trying to be quick enough to snag an adoption on this page before they are gone (often lightning fast!)

As of this morning, we are revamping our behind-the-scenes adoption system! Open requests have been fulfilled, the list has been wiped clean, and a new database has been created.

If you are a volunteer that would like to receive a one-time request from a hospital, please email with the following information:

1. Your name
2. Your state
3. What you are sewing (Diapers only? Mini-blankets with hats only? Diapers and/or mini-blankets? Layettes?)
4. If you are a new volunteer, please send a photo sample of your treasures.
5. Preferred donation region of the country, if shipping distance is a concern. (The more flexible you are with region, the quicker I am able to match you with a request. Many of our volunteers ship nationwide.)
6. Approximate donation size that you are hoping for, number of items, etc.

When you have been matched to a request from a hospital in need, your name will be deleted from the list unless and until you email me to ask for another assignment. This will keep our adoptions list clean and clear.

If you are a longterm volunteer that has already made at least 4 previous donations, you have the option of being added to our new "ongoing adoptions" list, if you so choose. Some of our volunteers like to always have at least one adoption in their sewing hopper. Longterm volunteers know that I am extremely flexible with assignments and will always do my best to keep volunteers as busy with our project as they choose to be, while never being offended when life gets busy and they need to step back. Open communication and individual service opportunities are the hallmarks of our project and it is the camaraderie, unity, flexibility, and overwhelming generosity within our army of volunteers that make our endeavor so successful!

Thank you for all that you do!

One small note: we will STILL BE POSTING ADOPTIONS in this group very frequently as well

Warmest regards,

Megan Bradshaw
Founder and President
Teeny Tears