Youth and Group Service Projects

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We are often able to accept speaking engagements within Utah County and Salt Lake County!  If you would like to have a member the Teeny Tears Headquarters Team attend your event to share a message and help explain our project, please fill out the form below!

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Teeny Tears is the perfect project for youth or group service events!  Whether you are a church or school youth group, relief society, women's auxiliary, scout troop, or sewing guild, we have something that you can accomplish in just a few hours!

For a group of 20+, we recommend focusing your energy on cutting out mini-blankets and diapers and NOT worrying about completing the entire sewing process.  We can place all of your cut-outs into the talented hands of headquarters-approved seamstresses for the final sewing process.  Stockinette hats are also an option for a large group, however we strongly encourage QUALITY OVER QUANTITY when creating stockinette hats.  

Tips for a smooth and productive event:

  1. Prep materials in advance.  Fabric ironed (no washing please), folded right sides together, and the selvedge edge cut off.  If making hats, cut ribbon and stockinette to the appropriate lengths detailed in our tutorials.
  2. When possible, encourage each participant to bring 1-2 yards of appropriate-themed, new, unwashed flannel to the event.  This can help reduce expenses for your event.  
  3. Have all adults in charge of the event thoroughly familiarize themselves with our tutorials.  Understanding the complete construction process and final product will help them to be able to answer questions that will arise and help quality control the items being created.
  4.  Clean hands and tables are a must!  Some of these events happen outside or where food is being served.  Please remember that anything with dirt/dust/stains or unpleasant smell cannot and will not be used.  
  5. Have fun!!

Additional notes:

  1. For a group of 2-15 participants, sewing can be accomplished during a well-managed event.  Final product quality control is more easily managed when there are smaller groups sewing together. 
  2. Keep in mind that when a group of 10 or more people are working on our project, it produces in a larger number of items than any area hospital requires.  We will happily accept all completed Teeny Tears items at our headquarters in Utah for future distribution OR help find a suitable donation site in one or more of our 2,500+ participating hospitals.  **We cannot guarantee that your donation will be local to you.  It will more likely be within your state or the surrounding states.**
  3. We accept all fabric cut-outs at our headquarters, where they will be sewn up and packaged for distribution.
  4.  All Utah participants donate their treasures to Teeny Tears headquarters for distribution.  
  5. Hats are never donated to a hospital alone.  All hats are accepted at our headquarters where they will be matched up with other items before donation to a hospital in need.

Below are files that can be downloaded to help you plan a seamless Teeny Tears event