Donate Monetarily

There are three easy ways to make a financial contribution to Teeny Tears!  Donations great and small are needed to purchase supplies and to pay for shipping expenses to get our treasures into the hands of our waiting hospitals. (Teeny Tears is a 501c3 legal non-profit organization) 


#1.  Click on the PayPal logo to be linked to our PayPal account (you do not need a PayPal account) or send a PayPal donation to


#2. Click on the Shopify logo to make a donation through our Shopify "shop".  


#3. Mail a check made out to "Teeny Tears" to the following address:

Teeny Tears
c/o Schwartz and Bradshaw
6965 Union Park Center Suite 280
Cottonwood Heights, UT 84047


How We Use Our Funds

Did you know that EVERYONE at Teeny Tears is a non-paid volunteer?

Did you know that all donations made to Teeny Tears are used to directly serve bereaved families?

Did you know that we have transformed MILES AND MILES of flannel fabric into diapers since November 2011?

Did you know that Teeny Tears is a 501c3 non-profit organization, and can provide letters for your tax-deductible contributions upon request?

We have donated more than a quarter of a million DIAPERS, along with more than a hundred thousand blankets, gowns, and hats for bereaved families going through an extremely tender and difficult time in their lives. We are currently serving more than 2,500 hospitals, with new requests coming into our headquarters every week. Every year we RESTOCK our participating hospitals with supplies.

Our bereavement gifts are in extraordinarily high demand. This means that our need for supplies continues to increase.  Please consider making a donation to Teeny Tears so that we can continue to offer our precious treasure to families in need! We are in need of donations great and small and we work very hard to make every dime go as far as possible.

Monetary donations are used to purchase supplies, including flannel, pins, ribbon, stockinette and packaging materials.   They are also used to pay for shipping expenses to send our items to requesting hospitals and organizations.

We have also received and would happily accept: 

  • Gift cards for JoAnn Fabric, Hobby Lobby, Amazon and Walmart.

  • Prym or Dritz brand safety pins, size #2

  • 1/4 inch Ribbon

  • White Card Stock

  • Ziplock Bags (Gallon and Snack Sized)

  • Clean, Unwashed Flannel

  • Sharpie Markers

  • Fabric Cutting Scissors

Thank you for helping us provide the dignity of proper clothing for the tiniest angel babies. Every contribution that we receive to continue our mission is deeply appreciated by our organization and by the families that we serve. These diapers, made with love, tell parents that someone understands that their child existed, that they are special, loved, real, and that they matter. Because a "person’s a person, no matter how small".

Donate By Shopping Online

When you shop on AmazonSmile, the AmazonSmile Foundation will donate 0.5% of the price of eligible purchases to Teeny Tears when selected by customers.  Signing up is simple.  Go to, select Teeny Tears as your charitable organization.  Then to make sure you are giving us the best possible outcome, always use in your browser.  Your prime benefits are still available and we get the donation.

Wouldn't it be great to know what someone wants and be able to just purchase those items and ship the items directly to them?  Well, now you can with Amazon Wish List!  The Teeny  Tears team has set up our own wish list filled with the exact items we order all the time.  We would be over the moon to have these items provided directly by our donors.  Our list is located directly on Amazon.  Imagine if you combined Amazon Smile, iGive AND our wish list all in one!  Teeny Tears Wish List

Thousands of stores are giving back to their communities by participating in

Carter's donates 1.2%
Hancock Fabrics donates 1.6% donates 3.2% (including gift cards!)
Old Navy donates 1.6% (including gift cards!)
Amazon donates .8% of your purchase**
And so. many. more! 

**Amazon is a little weird in that you need to route through for it to track and donate.  Most other participating stores track automatically with your installed button.

Does this cost me anything?
NO!  Registration is FREE.  There are no fees at any time for your participation.  No cost to you, nice donations for Teeny Tears!

How does it work?  Do I have to know which stores are participating?
You do not have to know which stores are participating.  When you register for and choose "Teeny Tears" as your cause, you will download the icon to your toolbar.  Whenever you purchase through a participating store, the purchases and donations will be automatically calculated!  There is nothing for you to do except shop as normal!  (And you have to keep the button installed for at least 90 days or it will reverse the bonus!)

How much will this benefit Teeny Tears directly?
When you sign up for and choose Teeny Tears as your cause, will give a $5 bonus to Teeny Tears just because you registered!  If you make an online purchase within 45 days of signing up, Teeny Tears will receive ANOTHER $5 bonus!  Beyond that, any purchases you make through participating stores will donate a small portion of your order directly to Teeny Tears.

What if I never shop online?  Would this still help?  What can $5 do for Teeny Tears?
$5 for Teeny Tears will purchase enough flannel, safety pins, and thread to soften the road of approximately TEN grieving families.  We are passionate about providing modesty and dignity to the worlds tiniest angels.  We shop sales and rely upon the generosity of others.  We appreciate every scrap of fabric that is dropped on our doorsteps, each stack of diapers that arrives in the mail, and every dime that is contributed for shipping expenses and diaper-crafting materials.  $5 would indeed be a meaningful contribution to our project.

Are you local to Utah? Do you shop at Smiths for groceries? You could help Teeny Tears by enrolling in their "Inspiring Donations" program. 

The steps to enroll are easy:

  1. Sign up on for an account. This is the type of account you would use to download coupons or order your groceries online as well as many other things.

  2. Once you have an account, select "my account" on the right side of the screen.

  3. Scroll to the bottom of your account settings and you will find a section for "Inspiring Donations Program" and select enroll.

  4. Search for Teeny Tears or use code KV700 then enroll.

  5. Shop and enjoy helping Teeny Tears through this great program.

  6. Share locally with your friends.