Diapers From Washington

My awesome sister Heather is where all this diaper business began. She originally introduced me to her friends Emily and Arah; since then, she has been all kinds of supportive as this idea has simmered in my heart and mind. In honor of Dex's birthday, she and her daughters made a whopping 96 diapers! 48 complete sets of diapers for 48 little angels gone too soon. Heather's two beautiful daughters heavily assisted in this great effort. Also, several ladies in their congregation enthusiastically offered their services when they learned what they were doing...

...even taking home stacks and stacks of diapers to turn and prep for finishing.

I am so touched by their love for our son and their enthusiasm for Teeny Tears and the families that will benefit from their sacrifice.

Thank you so much to the entire Beauchamp Family!