I do believe that I have been blessed with the three most amazing sisters a girl could ever desire. I could say that for many reasons, but for the purpose of this post, I'll stay focused...

My sisters have embraced Teeny Tears with love and enthusiasm. My sister Heather organized her family and her neighbors for a sewing fest to crank out diapers for the cause. My sister Courtney donated her digital design services to give our diaper blog a brand new look. (Isn't it beautiful?)

My sister Lyndsey really wanted to participate too, so she traced and cut out about a bazillion beautiful little diapers for Teeny Tears all by her determined little self! She then borrowed a sewing machine, but after stitching her finger to a diaper, I was able to convince her to mail the unsewn pieces to me. 'Cause I'm super grateful that way. Having the diapers already cut saved me so much time

I was able to finish sewing them all up this weekend. The final count: 76 diapers!

We were able to give Utah Share this batch of diapers. They will distribute the diapers in their bereavement packages to grieving families in Davis County.  A few of the diapers are being reserved for the photogs of NILMDTS of Salt Lake.

Thank you, Lyndsey, for your magnificent contribution! Your calloused scissor-hand will bless the lives of 38 families.  Thank you to all of my wonderful sisters for embracing our project with more enthusiasm than I had any reason to expect or hope.