Sawyer's Heart

Sawyer's Heart Project provides immediate support and comfort to bereaved parents who have experienced a pregnancy loss, stillbirth, or the loss of an infant through distribution of hospital memory boxes in the Chicago area.  

We are honored to provide Sawyer's Heart with 96 diapers for their memory boxes! These diapers were handcrafted by our very own Vanessa and have been donated in memory of Sawyer Erik Williams.

"Sawyer's spirit lives on in the hearts of many who he touched so deeply in his brief life."

To find out more about Sawyer and the legacy of love and service he leaves behind, please visit:
The Sawyer's Heart Blog
Angels of Hope and Sawyer's Heart Website/Donate
Sawyer's Heart on Facebook

Avi's Embrace

Avi's Embrace is a division of Project Sweet Peas that is dedicated to providing comfort to the families of Indiana by donating packages for those with a child in the ICU as well as to families suffering the loss of their baby.

We at Teeny Tears are honored to provide Avi's Embrace with 50 diapers for their bereavement donations -- handcrafted by our very own Jana, Carol, and friends! These diapers have been donated in memory of Charles Avi Edward.

Learn more about Avi's story and see how Avi's Embrace is making a difference by visiting their website or by finding them on Facebook.


For Love of Daniel

My sweet TTTS friend Lisa is very involved in her local NICU Family Support program.  One of the many ways she shows her love for the NICU families in her community is to donate micropreemie angel clothing and remembrance tokens to those who have lost their valiant battle.  This year, she added Teeny Tears diapers to her donation. These clothing items may look big, but they are actually very very tiny -- for angels under two pounds.

All of these items have been donated to Inova Loudoun Hospital in Leesburg, Virginia in loving memory of her beloved angel son, Daniel Carl Hutchings

"Softly the leaves of the memories fall,
Gently I gather and treasure them all.
Unseen, unheard you are always near,
So missed, so loved, and so very dear.
No longer in our lives to share,
But in our hearts you're always there."
~ Author Unknown

2012 donation.jpg

Desert Sage Young Women

The wonderful Young Women of the Desert Sage Ward of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints spent an evening tracing, cutting, and ironing diapers. These lovely young ladies have great compassion for the angel families that receive these little tokens of love; they are always eager to pitch in for diaper service.

Diaper Night2 copy.jpg
Diaper Night1 copy.jpg

I took the diaper pieces home to sew up and they are ready for delivery! These 40 little treasures will be donated to LDS Hospital of Salt Lake City, Utah.


In The Beginning, Arah's Story

Many of you have read how the Teeny Tears project came to be. My sister Heather sent me a link to a friend's blog with itty bitty diapers for preemie and micropreemie angels that had been created by one very special and inspired angel mama named Arah.  One look at those diapers and my whole world changed.  I have been very thankful for her love and support of Teeny Tears and our mission to spread her special brand of love across the world.  I do believe that Dex, Olivia, and all of the other Teeny Tears angels are watching over us, very amused.  ~Megan

Arah and Olivia copy.jpg

Today we are honored to share Arah and Olivia's story:

"In November of 2007, our daughter Olivia was born. Weighing 3lbs. 9oz. and a length of 16 inches, she was tiny for 37 weeks. She had Polycystic Kidney Disease and lived a short 1 hour and 53 minutes, which was more than we could have hoped for when we were told the diagnosis at 19 weeks pregnant.

Throughout my pregnancy, while others would have been buying things for a nursery, we were preparing for her funeral. My dad built her casket and my mom had a burial dress made. I remember the day we picked out her plot at the cemetery while she kicked around inside me, it broke my heart.

My doctor had referred me to a program at the hospital called Forget Me Not, which gives supportive care for families with unborn infants diagnosed with life-threatening or life-limiting conditions. We were able to plan our birth and ask questions and just felt like we weren’t going to be abandoned.

During our time in the hospital, we were able to bathe, dress and photograph her. Her big sister, Brinley, was able to meet her as well as many friends and family. We had molds of her hands, feet and face made (some of my most favorite possessions). The hardest thing was handing our sweet baby girl over to the chaplain before we left the hospital, empty handed.

Three months after Olivia’s death, I was asked to consider doing photography for the same program that I had just gone through. I had wanted to give back to the program and this was perfect for me. I said yes. Four+ years and well over 100 babies photographed later, I am now on the Forget Me Not board and am the photography coordinator.

After a particular session, a mom, who had known her daughter would not live, had made her a small diaper, knowing that she wouldn’t be big enough to wear the preemie diaper the hospital would provide. The idea came to me, "Make tiny diapers." My first set of diapers were donated in honor of my daughter, Olivia. I had so many nurses and others asking about a pattern, that I posted it on my blog. My goal was to give families one more thing that they could take home. I had no idea how big a reaction my little diaper patterns would make.

Megan has kindly kept me informed of all the places the diapers are being sent. I get super emotional every time I get a new email telling me that more families are able to cover their little baby’s bum. I am so very happy that so many people see the need for them and it seems they are spreading like wildfire!

Megan is just amazing. She has done so much to help families through Teeny Tears. We have never met in person, but I do know her sister.

I would also like to personally thank all of you who have helped make diapers. It may have made the loss just a little more bearable by knowing that their tiny baby meant something to someone else too.

And to leave you on a happier note, just three days before Olivia’s 1st birthday, we welcomed her little sister, Sarah, into our family."

For Love of The Pollard, Marsh and Cowart Angels

As a passionate diaper activist in her own right, Vanessa has officially joined the Teeny Tears team as my partner in crime behind the scenes.  We are on an ambitious quest to Diaper the World

Meet Vanessa!


Vanessa is an amazing mom to three special little angels: Adam, Cayla, and Marley. She had been looking for an economical and unique project to do in honor of her babies when she stumbled across our project through Utah Share and loved it.  She immediately organized a sewing event and posted it on FB, inviting friends, family, and fellow angel mamas. They answered the call, packing along sewing machines, scissors, safety pins, and all the flannel they could carry!

These super sewers labored to create 412 diapers.  160 have been donated to photographers of NILMDTS of SLC and are not pictured.  These diapers below (all 252 of them) have been donated to Jordan Valley Hospital, Pioneer Valley Hospital, Tooele Hospital, and the University of Utah Hospital.  Some have been donated in memory of Adam, Cayla, and Marley Pollard. Some have been donated in memory of Evan and Isaac Marsh.  Some have been donated in memory of MaRee Cowart.  All beloved angels, gone too soon.

vanessa diaper1.jpg

The 412 count does NOT include this exciting stack of leftover unsewn pieces!


Vanessa invited me via email to attend her grand sewing event and I was thrilled to go.  It was a fantastic experience. (Some of the following photos were taken by me; the better ones were taken by Vanessa's talented photographer friend, Lara.)

Vanessa posted many wonderful things on the wall, including WHY she was doing the project (click to enlarge and read their beautiful story).  Elsewhere she posted full sewing instructions for the crafting teams.


Great event, great people, great food, great feeling.

For the generous group of families that contributed in so many ways to the creation of these diapers, I post a thank you message from the bereavement coordinator for three of the hospitals that received these diapers:

"I am in receipt of the beautiful hand made colorful cloth diapers that were so lovingly made for our tiny patients.

I first want to express the gratitude of our families at receiving such a lovely handcrafted item. Please understand that they want to keep everything that their baby has worn, including the diaper. Suffering heartbreak and loss of such a tiny innocent baby is tragic but thoughtful little items like these help them understand that people care about them, their baby and what they are going through.

All of the items have been appreciated and I am overwhelmed by the thoughtfulness of this gift. Each and every diaper will be lovingly given to and used on an angel baby.

Giving to others is tremendously healing and brings a sense of comfort in knowing that we are serving humanity. As the chaplain at our facilities, I send thank-you’s from everyone as they marvel at the beautiful work. Again, thank you from the families who so appreciate what you are doing."

For Love of Carter - Sleepless in Seattle

When my friend Jana emailed me for the first time about making diapers, I learned that she was raising a TTTS single surviving former micropreemie.  Naturally, I assumed that she had crossed paths with me in the TTTS Facebook groups. Not so! She found me on Pinterest and the rest of our commonalities are mere "happenstance". If I believed in "happenstance". And I don't really.

Last Christmas Jana donated stockings and gift bags to her local NICU.  Teeny little diapers were right up her alley.  Jana is actually combining two of her projects into one at the moment (and writes about it in a way that cracks me up).  Check it out!

Jana and I have spent many (many) wee hours of the night online together brainstorming, obsessing over our mutual "flannel habit", and having grand diapering fantasies.  She has great visions for Washington!  (Consider this a shameless call for volunteers and donors in the Great Northwest.  She can use any and all donated flannel, tracing, cutting, or sewing assistance that she can get to take Washington by storm!  For real!) 

Jana is donating her very first set of 60 diapers to the angels born at St. Joseph's of Bellingham, Washington. They have been created in memory of Jana's son, Carter Garen Kimmel.


This is Carter's twin brother, Cohen.  He and Carter would have fit in that teeny little diaper when they were born.  He's Jana's right-hand baby in the project (as you can read on their blog).


For Love of Spencer

As I have mentioned before, my life has been greatly blessed by my association with other families whose lives have been forever changed by Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome. Two such kindred spirits are Dana M. and Melissa J. 

Dana and Melissa both lost one of their twins after hard-fought battles in the NICU, losing their fight to complications of TTTS and prematurity.  Both of them have courageously sallied forth on their journeys, raising single survivors with Cerebral Palsy.  Last December, Dana spent Wyatt's Angel Day tracing and cutting out diapers in his honor.  When the surprise package of diaper pieces arrived on my doorstep from Canada, (first I cried.  Then) I knew exactly what I wanted to do with them: start a TTTS diaper exchange.  I would sew these diapers and donate them to a hospital in memory of another TTTS angel.


The internet makes for a very small world sometimes; as luck would have it, Melissa's boys were actually born just up the road from me before their family moved out of state.  When she began making plans to come to town around her sons' birthday, I decided to surprise her when we met in person.  


We enjoyed a memorable night that still makes me a little emotional.  It was very hard for me to say goodbye.  She received spontaneous kisses from Crew.  I was able to show her the diapers that Dana and I had made in memory of her little Spencer.

I will be using this beautiful material to create diapers for Dana's angel.
My name is Megan and tiny little diapers make my world go 'round.

For Love of Emma

Facebook is a funny place; it's where my 1st-cousin-once-removed Chuck found me. He's one of our Seyferth family historians, up my biological father's side of the genealogical bush. He's a great man and I'm proud to call him family. He recently reconnected me with his daughter, my long lost 2nd cousin Crystal, and it's been wonderful to follow each other's blogs and visit over email!  From the time I was eleven years old, I haven't had much association with extended family and I find myself marveling sometimes to have found such kindred spirits in the family tree.  (Sending a loving shout-out to the whole Midwestern Seyferth extended clan; you know who you are!)

Crystal and I have many things in common, including a stillborn child.  Emma Catherine would have been 11 years old this past February.  In memory of their special angel, Crystal and her girls sewed their first batch of diapers, donating these 16 beautiful little treasures you see below to Genesys Regional Medical Center in Grand Blanc, Michigan.  The good folks at Genesys took care of Emma and her family during the beginning of their journey 11 years ago.  I know that the angel families at Genesys will really appreciate the special donations made in honor of their lovely, beloved Emma.

"Just before taking the diapers up to the hospital, the girls and I sat and prayed for the families that would be receiving a diaper. As I was walking out the door Sissy said, "Wouldn't it be neat if a family needed one of these today?" The innocence of a child right? Of course it would not be "neat"...sadness, grief and destroyed dreams accompany these diapers, but yes, it would be neat to fill a void for one of those families. My biggest prayer is that God provide comfort to a family that suffers an infant loss and if the family is not a believer, that somehow, God uses their experience to draw them near to Him.

Emma's Diaper Pic4.jpg

For Love of Leah

The very first TTTS friend that I made on my journey was Melissa H.  Our relationship began with a tentative email exchange way back in April of 2009.  Our friend Cyndi H. joined our tiny nontraditional support group in August of that same year.  We are all mommies that lost one child due to Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome before spending long months in the NICU with our micropreemie survivors.  I could go on forever (and ever), but suffice it to say that I dearly love these women and their families.

Cyndi and I came up with an idea that has been, frankly, very hard to keep secret from Melissa! We conspired together to create a diaper collection in memory of Melissa's angel daughter, Leah. We wanted to complete the package in time for Daphne and Leah's third birthday tomorrow. We finished just in time and surprised Melissa yesterday.

Cyndi cut out and mailed me a stack of diaper pieces from Ohio....

And I sewed! We ended up with 122 diapers for the angels born at Mount Sinai Hospital of NYC.  (86 tiny diapers and 36 bigger ones.)

Happy birthday, Daphne and Leah!  We love you and your whole family!

Riverton Utah Hospital

Heretofore, we have donated primarily to large, high-risk hospitals and regional support organizations that service multiple facilities.  It hasn't been intentional; it's just the way it's worked out so far.  Many hospitals (I would venture to say most hospitals) do not need a gargantuan supply of micropreemie diapers for their bereavement needs.  This little batch of 24 diapers will be donated to the Labor and Delivery Unit of Riverton Hospital.  It will meet their needs for quite some time.  

ariverton diapers2b.jpg

The bunny fabric was dropped off on my doorstep anonymously one night and I think the pattern is so cute.

Night of Service - Provo Utah

My friend Stacie invited me to speak to the women of her church congregation for a Relief Society Night of Service. We enjoyed a dinner of fake Cafe Rio deliciousness, I spoke for about 20 minutes, and then the ladies fired up their sewing machines to make 108 diapers for families serviced by the Intermountain Medical Center in Murray, Utah!  They were able to finish 75 onsite; volunteers collected the rest to finish at home during the week.

12 picture photo collage.jpg

Several women donated flannel; aren't they so adorable?  A little fabric goes a long way!  Did you know that (if you are very very extremely careful) you can make 8 "big" diapers and 8 tiny diapers with just one yard of fabric???  That's what my sister was able to pull off, though I can't claim to have had the same success...

14th ward3.jpg

One of the evening's Super Sewers works as a nurse in the Labor and Delivery unit at IMC.  She delivered all the diapers to IMC herself and knows just how needful they are for the tiny angels and their families.  I am so glad we could be a part of Service Night!  Thank you, Stacie, for the kind invitation, amazing food, and wonderful evening with your neighbors!


I do believe that I have been blessed with the three most amazing sisters a girl could ever desire. I could say that for many reasons, but for the purpose of this post, I'll stay focused...

My sisters have embraced Teeny Tears with love and enthusiasm. My sister Heather organized her family and her neighbors for a sewing fest to crank out diapers for the cause. My sister Courtney donated her digital design services to give our diaper blog a brand new look. (Isn't it beautiful?)

My sister Lyndsey really wanted to participate too, so she traced and cut out about a bazillion beautiful little diapers for Teeny Tears all by her determined little self! She then borrowed a sewing machine, but after stitching her finger to a diaper, I was able to convince her to mail the unsewn pieces to me. 'Cause I'm super grateful that way. Having the diapers already cut saved me so much time

I was able to finish sewing them all up this weekend. The final count: 76 diapers!

We were able to give Utah Share this batch of diapers. They will distribute the diapers in their bereavement packages to grieving families in Davis County.  A few of the diapers are being reserved for the photogs of NILMDTS of Salt Lake.

Thank you, Lyndsey, for your magnificent contribution! Your calloused scissor-hand will bless the lives of 38 families.  Thank you to all of my wonderful sisters for embracing our project with more enthusiasm than I had any reason to expect or hope.

Prematurity Awareness

Did you know that more newborns die of prematurity than any other cause? Did you know that the effects of an early birth can last a lifetime?

One of my fellow twin-loss TTTS and micropreemie mommy friends made some Teeny Tears diapers for a Prematurity Awareness display in Washington D.C.! These diapers helped passersby visualize the actual size of the tiny little NICU patients that fight for their lives every day in hospitals all over the world. They turned out beautiful! Lisa and her group of volunteers hosted this event to raise awareness about prematurity as well as money for their NICU family support program. I'm so happy that Teeny Tears diapers were able to make an impact at their event!