For Love of Leah

The very first TTTS friend that I made on my journey was Melissa H.  Our relationship began with a tentative email exchange way back in April of 2009.  Our friend Cyndi H. joined our tiny nontraditional support group in August of that same year.  We are all mommies that lost one child due to Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome before spending long months in the NICU with our micropreemie survivors.  I could go on forever (and ever), but suffice it to say that I dearly love these women and their families.

Cyndi and I came up with an idea that has been, frankly, very hard to keep secret from Melissa! We conspired together to create a diaper collection in memory of Melissa's angel daughter, Leah. We wanted to complete the package in time for Daphne and Leah's third birthday tomorrow. We finished just in time and surprised Melissa yesterday.

Cyndi cut out and mailed me a stack of diaper pieces from Ohio....

And I sewed! We ended up with 122 diapers for the angels born at Mount Sinai Hospital of NYC.  (86 tiny diapers and 36 bigger ones.)

Happy birthday, Daphne and Leah!  We love you and your whole family!