For Love of Carter - Round 2

Teeny Tears enthusiast Jana has been up to her diapering adventures again! Jana invited friends and family to participate in a diaper night; a great time was had by all!

While participating in a March for Dimes event, Jana delivered a donation of diapers to the Labor and Delivery unit at the University of Washington Medical Center in Seattle. 

Surviving twin and miracle micro-preemie Cohen spent long months in the University of Washingon NICU.

These 80 diapers (40 sets) were donated in memory of Cohen's twin brother, Carter Garen Kimmel.  Another 20 diapers were donated to Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep of Everson, WA.  She packaged them in a creative way, pinning the sets together with a straight pin and slipping the distribution cards inside the diapers.

You can read more about Carter and Cohen here.  You can see slide shows of these special brothers by clicking here.

Jana's mom Carol has joined the Teeny Tears team behind the scenes as our sewing resource expert and dedicated diaper cheerleader.  She has a lot of experience with fabrics, machines, and stitchery and has boundless enthusiasm and love for the tiny angels we serve.  We are very grateful to have her years of sewing experience and mama-wisdom to rely upon for our project!

I think this picture of Carol on a recent cabin vacation really illustrates her energy and personality!

carol copy.jpg

Carol also makes beautiful, tiny angel wraps to go along with the diaper deliveries.  Instructions to be posted soon!


Jana's family and friends love the angel families of the Great Northwest!

For Love of Spencer

As I have mentioned before, my life has been greatly blessed by my association with other families whose lives have been forever changed by Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome. Two such kindred spirits are Dana M. and Melissa J. 

Dana and Melissa both lost one of their twins after hard-fought battles in the NICU, losing their fight to complications of TTTS and prematurity.  Both of them have courageously sallied forth on their journeys, raising single survivors with Cerebral Palsy.  Last December, Dana spent Wyatt's Angel Day tracing and cutting out diapers in his honor.  When the surprise package of diaper pieces arrived on my doorstep from Canada, (first I cried.  Then) I knew exactly what I wanted to do with them: start a TTTS diaper exchange.  I would sew these diapers and donate them to a hospital in memory of another TTTS angel.


The internet makes for a very small world sometimes; as luck would have it, Melissa's boys were actually born just up the road from me before their family moved out of state.  When she began making plans to come to town around her sons' birthday, I decided to surprise her when we met in person.  


We enjoyed a memorable night that still makes me a little emotional.  It was very hard for me to say goodbye.  She received spontaneous kisses from Crew.  I was able to show her the diapers that Dana and I had made in memory of her little Spencer.

I will be using this beautiful material to create diapers for Dana's angel.
My name is Megan and tiny little diapers make my world go 'round.

For Love of Leah

The very first TTTS friend that I made on my journey was Melissa H.  Our relationship began with a tentative email exchange way back in April of 2009.  Our friend Cyndi H. joined our tiny nontraditional support group in August of that same year.  We are all mommies that lost one child due to Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome before spending long months in the NICU with our micropreemie survivors.  I could go on forever (and ever), but suffice it to say that I dearly love these women and their families.

Cyndi and I came up with an idea that has been, frankly, very hard to keep secret from Melissa! We conspired together to create a diaper collection in memory of Melissa's angel daughter, Leah. We wanted to complete the package in time for Daphne and Leah's third birthday tomorrow. We finished just in time and surprised Melissa yesterday.

Cyndi cut out and mailed me a stack of diaper pieces from Ohio....

And I sewed! We ended up with 122 diapers for the angels born at Mount Sinai Hospital of NYC.  (86 tiny diapers and 36 bigger ones.)

Happy birthday, Daphne and Leah!  We love you and your whole family!


I do believe that I have been blessed with the three most amazing sisters a girl could ever desire. I could say that for many reasons, but for the purpose of this post, I'll stay focused...

My sisters have embraced Teeny Tears with love and enthusiasm. My sister Heather organized her family and her neighbors for a sewing fest to crank out diapers for the cause. My sister Courtney donated her digital design services to give our diaper blog a brand new look. (Isn't it beautiful?)

My sister Lyndsey really wanted to participate too, so she traced and cut out about a bazillion beautiful little diapers for Teeny Tears all by her determined little self! She then borrowed a sewing machine, but after stitching her finger to a diaper, I was able to convince her to mail the unsewn pieces to me. 'Cause I'm super grateful that way. Having the diapers already cut saved me so much time

I was able to finish sewing them all up this weekend. The final count: 76 diapers!

We were able to give Utah Share this batch of diapers. They will distribute the diapers in their bereavement packages to grieving families in Davis County.  A few of the diapers are being reserved for the photogs of NILMDTS of Salt Lake.

Thank you, Lyndsey, for your magnificent contribution! Your calloused scissor-hand will bless the lives of 38 families.  Thank you to all of my wonderful sisters for embracing our project with more enthusiasm than I had any reason to expect or hope.

Prematurity Awareness

Did you know that more newborns die of prematurity than any other cause? Did you know that the effects of an early birth can last a lifetime?

One of my fellow twin-loss TTTS and micropreemie mommy friends made some Teeny Tears diapers for a Prematurity Awareness display in Washington D.C.! These diapers helped passersby visualize the actual size of the tiny little NICU patients that fight for their lives every day in hospitals all over the world. They turned out beautiful! Lisa and her group of volunteers hosted this event to raise awareness about prematurity as well as money for their NICU family support program. I'm so happy that Teeny Tears diapers were able to make an impact at their event!